Friday, April 27, 2012

Short update: Look who I found!!?

We found her!!! Sister Hope Chest! And she IS arm-less...just as I remembered her :-) Maybe I will attempt to perform reconstructive surgery...if my Mom says its okay, of course.  And I promise, no cosmetology will be done to this little sacred dolly :-)

Sigh...I feel like I can breath again now that the little nunsy is back!

Now I just need to find my New Kid on the Block, Jordan....I'll keep my eye out for his rat tail :-) I don't think these two dolls have ever been in each other's presence about the colliding of two worlds! Sister better hold tight to her rosary at the sight of Jordan's smooth style ;-)

Ok, so I know this is Random...but this song came up at band practice last night, and my Jordan doll reminded me of this era.  I shared that I actually sang and danced to this song in a 5th grade talent show...maybe I will post the video of that...if I can ever find it...but most likely NOT....EVER. 

Ace of Base: The Sign

Second disclaimer: No nun dolls were harmed in the making of this blog....yet.

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  1. The video's content has been blocked in this country on copyright grounds. Rats.