Saturday, April 28, 2012

To Run or not to Run?

My brother, Andrew, recently asked me to run a 5k with him....I's not that big of a deal, right...but it is if you haven't been in the habit of running for quite some time. What is a 5k 5 THOUSAND miles or something!?;-)
My sister-in-law is an avid runner, but because of her ever-growing baby bump (yay little buddy, I can't wait 'til you get here!).....I was asked to fill in as the running partner :-/
I think I can take it...right?  I mean, I subjected myself to the pain of the Chiro-Pirate.... so this should be a piece of cake...?
I figure putting this on my blog will motivate me...or just hold me accountable that I said, publicly, that I was going to do it :-/
Feel free to comment below with some encouraging words, raps or ryhmes you wanna make up to motivate me...raps are actually preferred...thanks!

Here's a plan...maybe?

5K Training Schedule for Beginners

1Rest1 mi runCT or Rest1 mi runRest1.5 mi run20-30 min run or CT
2Rest1.5 mi runCT or Rest1.5 mi runRest1.75 mi run20-30 min run or CT
3Rest2 mi runCT or Rest1.5 mi runRest2 mi run20-30 min run or CT
4Rest2.25 mi runCT or Rest1.5 mi runRest2.25 mi run25-35 min run or CT
5Rest2.5 mi runCT or Rest2 mi runRest2.5 mi run25-35 min run or CT
6Rest2.75 mi runCT2 mi runRest2.75 mi run35-40 min run or CT
7Rest3 mi runCT2 mi runRest3 mi run35-40 min run or CT
8Rest3 mi runCT or Rest2 mi runRestRest5K Race!

Seriously....please give me some supportive comments....OR I will be forced to get my motivation and tips from  less than 1 minute of Youtube clips from one of my favorite T.V. characters....Micheal Scott, who hosted his own 5k "Fun Run" Race for a cure for a disease....that already has a cure...

So that's the plan. One of my closest friends is a track/cross-country coach (who also happens to be growing a baby bump of her own)....What do you think, Christine? Is it do-able?  Any suggestions besides what Michael Scott recommends.. like to eat lots of fettuccine alfredo RIGHT before I run....and that  I gotta have some sort of cause to run I will run for the eradication of splinters...ya know, like the kind you get from picnic tables....or decks or something- who likes those, right?  This is a cause that reaches beyond the boundaries of religion, race, one likes a splinter.

Waiting expectantly to be motivated by you :-)

One of the only ways I can do this, is if I take you with expect some running video logs :-)