Friday, April 6, 2012

The Release

My first bloggy-doodle-doo :) (I actually wrote this one like a month ago, but it was my first, so here it is)

I just had one of those releases...and the pain came out through the ducts. 
Not the enjoyable tears that one might experience at the end of a sad movie, but rather the kind where it feels like your stomach eats your heart and then vomits it back into your chest cavity...poor heart...another rejection :/

You might be thinking, "Wow Julie, what an intense way to start your first blog," and you would be right, but that is sort of how life is right now: serious, yet funny...devastating, yet hopeful.  

I've been wanting to start this blog for some time now, mostly because the responses to many of the stories of my life have been..."are you kidding me Julie!?"
Some of these tales were hilarious in the moment, while others were only hilarious.......WAY AFTER the moment had gone...and some- were just plain crappy (literally, like when I was on a jog and my phone flung out of my pocket and landed in a fresh pile of dog diarrhea...which I proceeded to wipe onto my sweatshirt in a quick, thoughtless reaction- followed by a stinky jog back to my car and a plethora of perplexed stares from onlookers). 

Oh the joys :)
We'll get to those stories in time, when I'm feeling nostalgic.  In the meantime, I'd like to focus on what life is at the moment...which is - drum roll please:

Turning 27 and moving back in with the parents into a 55 and older community!!!
Don't knock it 'til you try it.

There are other neato things going on... I am in massage therapy school and I am pursuing my dream of singing and playing in coffee shops, cafe's, and maybe (if I'm lucky) at some sweet elderly partaaays 'round here ;)

So welcome to my life.  I'm going to try to write daily... Maybe I'll get addicted to writing and be able to lay down my other vices!
I was looking at some old pics and this one with these little lovelies in India made me smile.
Hehe...not sure if they all know what a "kissy face" is supposed to look like. Or maybe I'm the one that didn't get the memo and we were supposed to be doing fishy faces. Precious.

Yikes this pic makes me wanna die my hair red again....somebody stop me!!!

Here is a much more recent picture of me with Marilyn in N.Y.C.
There was this weird guy looking down at us and we were like...."uh, what? we are just hanging out in the in my winter coat and her and white."

P.S. Maybe no one will read this blog, OR maybe my blog will get as big as facebook and I'll have to fight off some twin Harvard Jocks for the rights to my new site that is SWEEPING THE NATION!
Just sayin'.