Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blogging Therapy in the South of France


I just sat down to a nice session of blogging therapy.  I am sitting here in my Grandmother's electric chair (hmmm...I see how that could be misconstrued :-/ Don't worry folks, we do not electrocute our Grandparents in this household, the chair just reclines electrically :-)'s relaxing and therapeutic. I'd rather do this than a lot of other things that rhyme with the word, "blogging"....such as: going jogging, or receiving a flogging.  As I sit here, reclined, listening to the gentle hum of my not-so-hip HP Compaq laptop.....I feel like I am on a beach somewhere in the South of France (hmm I'm not even sure what is in the "South of France," but the phrase, "South of France" just sounded so nice.)  So in the spirit of accurate blogging, I google'd some beaches in the South of France so you, too, could experience what its like for me while I blog:

umm...yes please.

Well, I guess this experience is a little bit different from being in the South of France, because since dropping my laptop on the concrete, while trying to wave hello to a friend, the "gentle hum" has morphed into the sound of a small plane- gearing up to take flight in my living room. If you look closely at the above picture, you can almost see me, I'm blogging on the edge of one of those cliffs and...GREAT...I just dropped my laptop while waving hello to you...ugh
I am sure that I'm one of the more clumsy/ less tech-savvy bloggers out there, but I am down with the lingo and the cool brands, so I've decided to sit on a grannysmith while blogging so that when people call and ask me what I'm doing, I can respond like this without lying: "Oh nothing, I'm just surfing the web on my Apple"  

Despite the lighter tone of my blogs, I have been quite sad lately.  This has been the routine: have a good cry, then feel all inspired and decide to blog (intending to change the world with my super in-depth philosophical powers and the widespread fan-base I have ;-)...but then, once I've started typing, I'm suddenly all cried-out, silliness takes over and before I know it- I'm making a video with a mud-covered face while singing the blues.

I love to laugh, and I am certainly not a slacker when it comes to crying- if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it well.  I can't help it....and I've never been able to.  Call it a gift or call it a curse, but I've learned that if I just let the flood gates open, once its over, I usually feel much better- and when I've counted my losses, I'm just out a roll of toilet paper...or two, and I've gained the puffy-eyed look that, I hear, is all the rage in fashion these days :-)

First Osh Kosh scripture verse:

"There is a time for everything under the sun,
A time to use toilet paper for weeping,
and a time to use it for wiping."

                                                                                           -Book of Ridiculous Ch.1,verse 1
(If you are puzzled by this new translation, refer to last blog)

Ok, stay tuned, because I'm getting more in-depth and serious by the moment....and I can feel a cry coming on ;-)

Au Revoir for now...