Thursday, June 28, 2012

a thousand words

My niece, her "cool diaps"
I feel wordless...
I actually have millions of words going through my brain, but sometimes silence is sweeter.
They are worth a thousand words....

Zebra-striped diapers...what a diva.  Because we have had, both elderly people and babies stay with us for long periods of Mom made the observation that we have a supply of : diapers for babies and adults, walkers for babies and adults, potty chairs for babies and adults...and the list goes on :-) Its funny how life seems to come full circle...isn't it?
I'm not even kidding...if, God-willing, I live to be old enough to go through the diaper stage of life...again - you better believe that you'll find my 100-year-old self in zebra stripes! No shame in that game girl. 

The Sweet Girl...

These are just a few snapshots from my phone...I will post better pictures soon - when I figure out how to use my new camera :-)
Sweet love and diva diapers,

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  1. What an adorable child...look forward to more pictures. The diapers are so cute. I didn't realize they'd come so far. Maybe Hannah will get some at her next baby shower (that's not a sneaky announcement).