Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogger's block prohibited

If there's anyone out there who is still can probably tell that I've had a bad case of blogger's block lately.
It's not that there has been a lack of things to write about, but every time I sat down to type...I just couldn't.
I'm not gonna lie...I've been a little down...but I'm learning that in times like these...underneath all of the rubble.... gratefulness is just below the surface.  Well, it may take a bulldozer to get to it, but I'm willing to dig to find it.  Sometimes you just gotta start with the "small stuff," which is actually...usually the pretty amazing stuff...that we tend to take for granted...
I am thankful that I have all of my limbs and a functioning brain (a mostly functioning brain ;-)  I'm thankful for air to breath and water to drink. I'm thankful I have God and people who love me.  I'm thankful that I live by a river....
The other day, while driving, I noticed a neat bridge over the Delaware so I pulled over to get out and walk across.

I hadn't been there 4 seconds before I was bombarded with signs prohibiting me to do...most things!
Ever notice how we only see signs of what NOT to do?
Like at a museum: Do not touch
A pool: Do not dive
A zoo: Do not feed the animals

....I know, I get it- safety first...but I'd still like to see a place where you are bombarded with signs that tell you all of the things you CAN do!  
So in respect, while walking over the bridge, I did NOT... fish, loiter, jump off, swim... ride my bike or moped....

Then when I got to the park across the bridge, I made sure NOT to.... consume alcohol, unleash anyone's dog, park my car...anywhere, do any metal detecting, litter, or start any non-picnic areas (I guess one could argue that setting fire to the picnic areas is fair game? ;-)

Because I saw no signs prohibiting the following- I DID.....
Make a hair weave out of leaves: A leave weave...Lady Gaga hasn't even heard of these yet!

Cook sticks on the grill...because I had no steaks...

Find a scarecrow doing yard work in Pearls....

       I posed with her...she was sort of shy and opted out of the pose... (wow...this is scary - I need friends...;-)
Then I busted some moves on a park bench.....Yep, someone totally rode by me on their bike as I was taking a photo of myself doing this.  I shook it off and hid behind my aviators.  Lately I have been wanting to move somewhere else..."What Julie? You don't enjoy being 27 and living in a 55-and-over?" Nope....that is one of the reasons I've been bulldozing for gratefulness ;-) Truthfully, I am grateful that my parents took me in after a very difficult season in Georgia.  I was working as a House Mother in a shelter for women coming out of Human Trafficking and when I think about what they had to go bulldozing for gratefulness  turns into digging with a toy shovel in a sandbox to find it.  I miss those ladies.  Some of the most brave women I have ever met.  Maybe I'll write about my experience there soon.  

I'm grateful to express myself in this blog....and for aviators to hide behind when expressing myself means making a fool of myself on a park bench :-)

Much Love.


  1. How I LOVE precious bulldozing beloved of the Lord. You are so adorable and lovable and... might I add... photogenic!!..Move over Lady Gaga!! Big question.....did you EAT those sticks you cooked on the grill? I hear wood can be does one spell 'nutritious'? did manage to dig up some real reasons for being thankful....but....where was SK on that list????? She got beat out by a debutante scarecrow.....NO FAIR!!!!!bwaaaaa!!!

    1. Special know I want to write a blog specifically about YOU, but YOU won't let me :-) Love you

  2. Jules, I love these pictures! I want to see our day on the dam locks featured here soon.
    Do write.
    Do rejoice.
    Do release love and creativity.
    Do what you were created to do.

  3. Wow, your blog is kind of adorable just like you. Surprise surprise...

    You make me smile! And you are definitely prohibited from stopping blogging.

    1. Oh Hanny :-) My measly old blog is like a little vanilla pudding cup compared to your lovely decadent 3-teared cake of a blog! :-) but thanks for reading anyway....afterall, you were my inspiration to begin! cant wait to buy your book someday!

  4. To my heart friend. Your blog is awesome. Sister B agrees. We miss you and love you! Blogging allows the rest of the world to see the awesome girl I met 8 years ago in Millyvegas.

    You are my bestie! And I would've totally rocked dance moves on the grill. I'm just saying...

    1. Oh man heart are SO right...the grill would have definitely been a better choice! Knowing that if you were up would be shakin' what ya Mamma gave ya on a park bench with me...well, that thought just makes me miss you even more. Let's meet in the middle?? Somewhere in N.C. is half-way...I'm just saying... ;-)
      hmmm on second thought...last time we made a road trip between GA and PA ...we all got in an accident - with each other. So maybe we'll fly ;-)

  5. These pictures are AWESOME. I especially love dancing on the park bench... and the scarecrow in pearls.... but not as much as I LOVE YOU!!!!

  6. I just finished reading this and I agree with all your other commenters...(writes D'Arcy as she prepares to read your next post)...PS who's that in the picture with you to the right on the screen just above your blog archive?